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Vila Beach (Praia da Vila)

Ideal for those who favor the local kiosks, bars and restaurants. With clear fine sand, clean water and good waves to attract sports practitioners. Because this beach is located in the center of Saquarema, tourists and residents of this region seek it. It is bordered on its extension by Avenida Salgado Filho, the same avenue that borders Saquarema Beach. The sidewalks are a site for innumerous kiosks serving snacks and seafood, which is much appreciated by tourists and vacationers.

Itaúna Beach (Praia de Itaúna)

Located in the Neighborhood with the same name, also known as the "Maracan of Surfing", Itauna Beach is bordered by casuarinas and underbrush. Located on west, near to the Church of N. S. of Nazareth hills, this beach is highly sought by tourists and mainly by surfers. It is world renowned as an excellent place for surfing. Its perfect waves are ideal for radical maneuvers of practitioners of this sport.

Prainha Beach (Prainha)

Prainha means little beach in Portuguese. This beach is only 100 meters in extension, which is why it was given the name of prainha. It used to be connected with the Lake of Saquarema by a channel, which is currently closed. It is frequently visit by bathers and fishermen. Prainha is located in between Itauna and Vila beach, next to the Church of N. S. of Nazareth and its loved by everyone for its beauty and location.

Jacone Beach (Praia de Jaconé)

The nearby rocks attract and retain many fish of various species. This beach is well visit by tourists and amateur fishermen, especially in the summer, because it is known for offering conditions for line and diving fishing. This beach has transparent cold water, with shades of green and blue and clear and fine sand. It is an ideal leisure locale with the family.

Vilatur Beach (Praia de Vilatur)

This beach is located in the Massambaba reef right after Itauna Beach, on the Vilatur neighborhood. With 5 km of extension, is not crowded. Mostly local residents visit it; many of them only come on the summer. Vilatur Beach is an ideal place for fishing, mainly for its tranquility. It is also a nice place to spend time with the family either swimming in the lakes or walking in the beach ridge trails and vegetation.


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