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The Temple of Rock is the official residence of the living legend of Rock in Brazil.
The site is open to the public without restrictions. Serguei himself is the host, who speaks all the time with a rare and radiant enthusiasm. Their stories are full of detail and a captivating storyline.
Experience in a hippie and psychedelic, the eternal lover of Janis Joplin time ripping through the censorship that was in any way. Did enjoy it all without shame and to bring to us with a really fantastic ... envy.
One of the dependencies in the upper floor, it shows a room, nearly empty, which represents such psychedelic. As a room of meditation, using artifacts or not, we arrive at some stage. One effect of lights really inspiring. A peace sedutora.All the walls of the house have printed stories to tell. In the "residence" is written in cachoro "Street Dog Palace Hotel."
The bed in the bedroom (pictured above) is nothing more than to head Jim Morrison (The Doors) framed. They were friends in the U.S. and those who made the "sunshine" (nickname of the acid). In this quarter it shows the videos interesting, sits on the floor and there telling all. A true gentleman, not confuses attitude with exhibitionism.
Today, with almost 20 thousand visitors, still very representative of one of the most explosive seasons musically speaking.
Serguei is SÉRGIO AUGUSTO BUSTAMANTE. In its infancy, affectionately known as Serginho, according to my mother. Born in Rio de Janeiro on November the 8th, 1933, notable for its pansexualismo (or not be?), And their romance with the singer Janis Joplin, who met in 1968. The irreverence continues. Such that in 2002 went completely naked in the Trip.

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